Alpha, Beta, Gamma:

a resolution to the gender crisis

Substantial numbers of persons object to the polarity that biology provides. Yet, male and female are absolute categories in terms of procreation. All biological persons are either male or female. There is no person and there has never been a person that does not fall on one side of the scale or the other. This has nothing to do with feelings. One does not feel a man, one is a man. It is about chromosomes and the impact one’s genes have on ones biology.

Men and women have emotions but the emotions we feel do not define our gender. Sex is not something assigned at birth. People are assigned a sex at birth but that is not the determinant factor. Sex is defined in the womb and at conception because it is in our genes, the rest is manifested because of our genes and the way they gendered us.

Gender is not about procreation though procreation plays a role in our identification.

Our gender is our value. There are male values and female values. If we misgender our value goes down. Our value as a female goes up if we procreate as a female and if we provide the role and services of a female as this is the role, we are best suited to provide. What those services are and how best to exhibit them has context. Our value as a woman may not be about nurturing a child if an adult has become ill. It is up to the person to seek his or her way to fulfill his or her role because only he and she understands who they are within the context they are in.

This is the power of the church. Christians permit each person to express themselves in the immediate situation they are in.

Some persons fight their biology and this is possible up to a point, but to what end and to what purpose are they doing this? Are they identifying as the opposite sex because they feel benefitted in some way? Herein lays the problem, for the issue is not if the individual is benefitted more by being a male or female, the question is, is the church benefitted more if you have one identity or the other? Not that the identity itself is the deciding factor either, it is your role within that identity.

It is not enough to be a female in a female body one has to strive to be the most complete and superior female one can be, within the female identity. No one can truly tell you how to accomplish this. But it can largely be determined by the context. In different circumstances being a female farmworker may be appropriate but in other cases, as for example when stronger males are available, you may find more suitable work.

By suitable is meant work that produces the greater value for the church.

This is not the way the left wants us to talk about gender and gender roles.

We can think of the two different approaches in terms of violence. The left thinks violence is ok when it is justified. Which is about what the right thinks about it. The left thinks one’s emotional state validates violence. If one has been triggered by a comment or argument, then a violent response is warranted.

The right is more of the opinion that violence is never justified and so the only time violence is warranted is to stop violence and to reduce or prevent further violence. Someone else must initiate the violence for a violent response to be excused.

Gender has become a deeply spiritual issue, to many on the left. Gender has become the most divisive topic of our time, even supplanting race in its ability to gender divisive rhetoric. Perhaps too many whites have moved to support Black issues and too many Blacks identify with conservative talking points to make race as impactful as it was initially.

But the left was always good at finding topics to divide us. Gender seems difficult to resolve because it reverses the right and left way of thinking. The left are the people who think physical identity matters and the right are the ones who subscribe to a more spiritual outlook. This has been reversed with the issue of gender identity.

The left has got the right claiming humans are defined by biology. The left is saying gender is all about how people feel. People ought not to be predetermined by the flesh.

Unfortunately for the left, how does one feel like a woman? What does it feel like to be a woman, or a fish, for that matter?

To claim one feels like a woman is meaningless. It does not justify identifying as a woman because how one feels is irrelevant to your identity. Feelings do not influence facts. Regardless, the premise of the left is that one’s identity is the persons own business. If this was so, the identity you take would not be an issue and how people identified you would not be an issue, but it is an issue. The person can claim he or she can identify with whatever group they feel they wish to belong to, but this is not how the world works.

You cannot be a member of any club you decide to join. All clubs and groups have qualifications. The human race has requirements. If you wish to be a human, you have to look and act as if you are a human. My dog feeling as if he is a human does not get him in a restaurant or a pension plan.

Claiming to be an adult does not make you an adult and claiming to be a man does not make you a man. One might be an alpha or beta male. If the nation is at war does identifying as a female eliminate you from military service if males are called up? Is Ukraine permitting transgender females to leave the country and avoid military service as of this March 2022?

We can imagine a classification system that spans a range of gender classes from Alpha males to Betta males to Gamma males, the latter which identify as females. But when it comes to responding to an invasion by enemy forces or digging survivors out from under a collapsed building all Alpha, Betas and Gammas are treated as males and expected to act as males for the good of the nation. Imagine if a maternity hospital was assaulted by a gang of traffickers. Do we send the nurses down to the ground floor to fight off the gang as best as they are able until the police arrive, whilst the doctors and other men comfort the infants upstairs?

Would the feminist mothers of these infants be demanding the men stay with the infants whilst the women went to do battle with the invaders?

It is easy to demand equality and human rights until a gang of drug crazed human traffickers are killing people to gain access to your child.

How many women tell their husband to stay with the kids as she goes downstairs to check on what caused the sound of breaking glass?

People who live in community owe something to the community in which they participate, and part of the obligation is to serve the community in the best capacity possible. We do not make men have babies and we do no demand women fight wars. We do not preferentially hire women to work in coal mines nor men to work in day care. There are reasons for this and if you cannot understand what they are that is a problem for you, not for society. Society knows it needs roles filled and jobs done, and it has a right to demand those who can best fill them, fill them. In fact, society has a duty to its members to demand all do what they do best, regardless of what feelings they have.

If feelings do not alter facts, feelings do not over-rule duty and obligation or common-sense.




Robert believes right and wrong are absolutes and has created a career from proving this.

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Robert Burk

Robert Burk

Robert believes right and wrong are absolutes and has created a career from proving this.

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